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Want to run your first 5k?

Are you serious? You are looking to run your first 5k! Kudos to you because once you crossed that finish line or once your Strava hits that magical number, your life will never be the same!

If you're looking to tackle any distance, following a structured training plan is crucial for success. That's why I've created a 5km beginner training program that you can easily access and follow. You can find the program by clicking on this link.

It's important to note that this program is not meant to be a bible, and you are free to adjust it to your schedule and your fitness level. The program is designed to be completed in 8 weeks, with 3 runs per week. You will notice that on some days, you will have an optional rest or cross-training (strength training). I highly recommend one or two cross-training sessions a week for injury prevention and build muscles to support your running economy. Also, each week builds on the previous week, gradually increasing your mileage and intensity.

Before you begin, take a moment to consider your current fitness level. If you're starting from scratch, it's important to listen to your body and don't be afraid to take extra rest days if you need them.

Check out my article on tips to start running. 

Now, let's get started on your training journey. Click on the link above to access the 5km beginner training program and begin working towards your goal. With patience, perseverance, and a little bit of grit, you'll be crossing that 5km finish line before you know it.

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